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Mississippi Girl: A bump in the road…

2X3A2701-Edit-Edit4 days after my first post I received one of the few major shocks of my life… A cancer diagnosis.

I’ve always considered myself a strong person, after the initial shock wore off and countless tears shed in solitude, I still found myself questioning …Why me? … The Lord answered very quietly…Why not you?

From that point forward I made a conscious choice not to look back.  I am choosing to face this adversity directly and fight like I’ve probably never done before.  I will persevere!

The Lord is definitely working in my life and it gives me assurance knowing that every morning I wake up I will spend one more day on this earth because God intended me to. He isn’t ready for me yet!

A bump in the road? …..I can answer with a definite yes…in the whole scheme of life, this is just one of many.

We will all persevere!

To be continued….


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