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It must have been over thirteen years ago when I last sat foot in Lexington. At that time, I was a state employee traveling to one of our two itinerary points in the area to take unemployment claims. I didn’t think too much of the town at that time. It was what I considered a…

It’s late as I type this, so my idea likely will fail. What’s my plan? Well, it’s to post more frequently in 2017. To post more frequently I want to find various local destinations and take no more than 10-15 minutes capturing some element from it through the lens of my camera to share with you…

Breast cancer is an illness that effects way too many people and their families each year. It’s time for it to be shoed away! That’s exactly what Candace Washington and her special guest, Chandra Currelley, set out to do with this event.

Happy New Year Teddy! By now, I would imagine that your sister, parents and grandparents are chasing you around the room while you crawl away exploring. I know you can’t read right now, but you can enjoy seeing the wonderful people that showed up to welcome you to the world. Enjoy!

Where can you go to one Christmas parade that serves two towns at the same time? Carrollton and North Carrollton, MS of course. Why one post office can’t serve both is beyond me. The gang and I set out to attend this parade primarily because my niece would be represented in it. I had already…

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