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Happy New Year Teddy! By now, I would imagine that your sister, parents and grandparents are chasing you around the room while you crawl away exploring. I know you can’t read right now, but you can enjoy seeing the wonderful people that showed up to welcome you to the world. Enjoy!

Today was just a day off for many. For those who don’t recognize the significance of it, it’s only because of the sacrifices of the brave and devoted individuals that fought for our freedom that we are actually able to enjoy it. Grenada Upper Elementary School showed their appreciation today for the men and women…

There is something magical about the number seven. Just take a look. For some of you, it’s your favorite number. There are seven colors in the rainbow. Apparently, Skittles didn’t get the memo. Seven seas to sail and seven continents to rest your feet on. So why not be blessed with seven Atkinsons? Meet Justin, Marcie,…

Mississippi Girl Interview Series: Surviving Seven » Shedrick Flowers PhotographyFebruary 27, 2017 - 5:12 pm

[…] appears that the number 7 seems to be her lucky number. It’s only fitting that Marcie Atkinson unravel 7 misconceptions of […]

Update: 5 months and 6 days after my cancer diagnosis …. the imaging report reads “no mass can be located.” I am cancer free! When I heard my surgeon say that all he could find was scar tissue left over from the tumor I felt so alive and immediately thought of the song from Mr….

I would like to end this rather somber series on a light note and at the same time leave you with some passing advice. The turn this series took was never my intention when I began, but God had other plans as you can see. I ask, “What is normal?” I’m sure at some point in…

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