Torrie Chatman: Bruised But Not Broken

I have known Torrie Chatman for a while now. I’ve known that she is an accomplished speaker and Zumba instructor. We have worked together several times before too, so I know that she knows what she’s doing even when just having fun. The last time was with her sister, Jessica. We had a blast! This time things were just a little different though. Torrie decided to write a book. Friday evening I had the privilege to be part of Torrie Chatman’s release of Bruised But Not Broken. The foreword was written by Ashley Sutton. Unfortunately, the book is not a picture book so I created my own supplement to the book. I’m excited about reading this piece of work from my friend!

Bruised-6Bruised-13Bruised-9Bruised-20Bruised-23Bruised Comp 3Bruised-66

Bruised-24Bruised Comp 1Bruised Comp 2Bruised-46Bruised-50Bruised-42 Bruised Comp 4Bruised Comp 5Bruised-52Bruised-69Bruised-90Bruised-91Bruised Comp 6Bruised-88Bruised-98Bruised Comp 7Bruised-112Bruised Comp 8Bruised-148Bruised-161Bruised-194Bruised Comp 13Bruised-158Bruised-156Bruised-155Bruised Comp 11Bruised-166Bruised-181Bruised-184Bruised-224Bruised-239Bruised-242Bruised-216

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