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The Lyric Theatre

This is one of Birmingham’s finest attractions. However, as beautiful as The Lyric Theatre is on the outside, it’s the inside that’s amazing to me. It has been quite some time since the images you see were taken. I am certain much has changed on the inside by now. The peeling paints popping with color and possibly lead are probably no longer. A few years ago, I was fortunate to shoot inside The Lyric Theatre while the past was still the present. Walk through the doors with me.


A sign of the times when street cars ran through Birmingham?


Hearing Center?

The Lyric's version of organic.

The Lyric’s version of organic.


Ladies and gentlemen, please watch your steps.

Asbestos anyone? From what I was told, the curtain was full of it!


Detail. Detail. Detail. I’m sure only the very well off were able to purchase tickets for these views overlooking the stage.


Have you been flossing?

Mustard covered walls.

Mustard covered walls.


Forget handling that business online.




Here is where to check for that blown fuse.


I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful decay!


This was a place where a photographer could look side to side, down, and up and find something worth capturing.


There were a few soft spots in the floor.

Probably my favorite shot of the day. This door begged to be opened!

Probably my favorite shot of the day. The door at the top had about 15 non-effective locks on it.

Your vaccum probably won't work in this outlet.

Your vacuum probably won’t work in this outlet.

Looking out the window, you will find another cool theatre is just across the street.

Another cool theatre is just across the street.


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