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Greenwood: Christmas Over the Bridge

With Christmas being just a few weeks away, bands, businesses, and community organizations from across the area took to Greenwood, MS for their annual Christmas Parade. As I am currently looking out a window filled with rain and gloom, Friday afternoon’s weather was perfect for the march across the bridge.

greenwood-christmas-2016-28bandgreenwood-christmas-2016-5greenwood-christmas-2016-23shrinegreenwood-christmas-2016-26greenwood-christmas-2016-2greenwood-christmas-2016-27greenwood-christmas-2016-25greenwood-christmas-2016-14coahomagreenwood-christmas-2016-12greenwood-christmas-2016-11greenwood-christmas-2016-1greenwood-christmas-2016-19greenwood-christmas-2016-20greenwood-christmas-2016-30greenwood-christmas-2016-31No Christmas parade is ever complete without Santa Claus pulling up the rear waiving to all the young boys and girls. Even the naughty ones.

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