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Grenada: Christmas Parade as a Spectator

Just thirty minutes away from last week’s Christmas parade, Grenada, held it’s own. It had been many years since I was near the hometown parade. I don’t recall seeing much the last time I was present. I never saw cotton candy or blow up toys being sold. This was very likely since I was in it carrying my trombone and marching to the cadence of the Grenada High School Marching Band. What I saw were people just like me out on a brisk December afternoon with their kids.

As the parade started, it was led by a police cruiser carrying the newly hired city manager, Trey Baker. It was followed up by local businesses and organizations, Grenada School District bands, classic cars and many, many firetrucks.

Seeing the Grenada High School Marching Band was a special moment. It brought back many memories for me and I can honestly say that most of them were great! If Bryson ever decides to be part of it, I know exactly what instrument he will (or I want him to) play. All students and instruments make up this remarkable band, but there’s a reason trombones are up front!

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