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Pit Stops: Carrollton United Methodist Church

It’s late as I type this, so my idea likely will fail. What’s my plan? Well, it’s to post more frequently in 2017. To post more frequently I want to find various local destinations and take no more than 10-15 minutes capturing some element from it through the lens of my camera to share with you all. “The Sipp” is home, but there’s much I have yet to see. I’m sure some pit stops between my new home and Birmingham will be included as well. It’s frequently traveled. I like to mix my posts up just a little, so some posts might not be posted in the order in which they were captured. Sounds like a disclaimer, right? Or, maybe I just wanted to use a form of the word “post” three times in the same sentence.

Since I moved back home last summer, it has seemed like I haven’t had the time to just get out to scout the world around me. Even when doing so, it often appeared there was nothing interesting to shoot in rural Mississippi. Yes, there are many interesting people out there that I’d love to shoot, so do contact me. Other times, I just want to shoot something that doesn’t have a need or desire to be posed.

Carrollton, MS has filled some of that void for me. In that town is where I’ll start the first of my, let’s say, weekly photography pit stops and features Carrollton United Methodist Church. It’s a beautiful, white church atop a small hill.


Did you say post them on Fridays? OK, deal! Hey! Even offer destinations that I should visit. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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