Pit Stops: Lexington

It must have been over thirteen years ago when I last sat foot in Lexington. At that time, I was a state employee traveling to one of our two itinerary points in the area to take unemployment claims. I didn’t think too much of the town at that time. It was what I considered a small, depressing little place that I’d never travel to on my own time or dime.

Times have changed. It was my gas and my time spent on a recent trip down Mississippi Highway 17 through Carroll and Holmes County.

The Square

Lexington is the county seat of Holmes County. Like many of these small towns, the courthouse is located in the center of a square downtown. As you approach the square from any direction you will not miss the prominently placed clock above.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co

Not far from the square is a small, two story building that appears to have housed a Coca-Cola bottler at one time.

Holmes County Jail

As I shot photographs near the courthouse and Coca-Cola, I noticed some of the same cars passing by time and time again. It was easy to assume that they were checking me out just as much as I was checking out their town. Still in walking distance of Lexington’s square remains the memories of the historic Holmes County Jail. Some of the repeat passers looked as though they would like for a cop to be dispatched to check me out. There would be no cops dispatched from this old building.

St. Thomas Catholic Church

What do many do after leaving jail? Well, they find Jesus.

As the sun got lower, the better things got here. I was absolutely in love with this small church seated on top of this small hill! I spent several minutes in this location admiring what I saw before me. My short trip was now complete.

Lexington Sunset

That was until I turned around to head back to my truck. What was this? Dial 911. The sky was on fire! All of this was going on right behind me as I was shooting the church. It was a great ending to the day!

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