Pit Stops: Spring Hill Cemetery

Finding or seeing something new is almost impossible to do if you take the same path again and again. I often get curious at various intersections and wonder, “What is down that road?” That’s what I did last week. Sweethome Road runs between Grenada and Holcomb, MS. It’s a very well known road in the local community and one which I have traveled numerous times. So, how in the world did I miss seeing this beautiful, unnamed church that sits in plain sight guarding the Spring Hill Cemetery? Maybe I shouldn’t be driving.

Spring Hill Cemetery

I went back a few days later to see it again with no intentions of actually photographing it at the time. The sun setting behind the church made this a grab that needed to happen right then! The best camera you have is the camera that you have with you right? Well, dig deep my friends! Out of my pocket comes my cellphone!

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