President’s Day: Past, Present, and Future

It is very easy to forget what President’s Day is about since much of the hoopla about the day is centered around great sales at your favorite department stores. Just turn on the television and you will see. It is also a paid holiday for many. Believe me, I’m not mad about that one! It’s a day to honor all presidents, past and present.

Many have come and gone. The ones you see on the bills in your wallets and purses are distant memories. This year we are forty five presidents in as we prepare for an extended weekend. It seems like there should be more over the history of our country established in 1776. However, to the pleasure of some and the displeasure of others, some had a second term. You have to wonder did any of these forty five individuals ever grow up thinking they would ever have such a strong responsibility. A responsibility to lead the United States, direct the executive branch, and serve as commander-in-chief of our armed forces.

The Great Seal of the United States

How do you prepare for such responsibility? Where do you prepare? Lastly, when do you start preparations? Obviously, pretty early. My mom often compares my son, Bryson, to a politician. This young man loves to talk. I have to admit that he often talks about stuff he has no knowledge about in a very convincing manner. Maybe he got that from his mama? Even without the internet, I’ve never had the need for an encyclopedia around here. If this is my last post ever, you’ll know what happened.

The President has a photographer that follows him pretty much everywhere he goes. To me, this sounds like a great job. It’s one that very few photographers have had the privilege of performing. I’ll likely never have that chance, but I may have done something greater. Who is to say that either of these great kids below won’t be a future President of the United States of America? And I had the honor of photographing them first!

Allyson Flowers

Cole Atkinson

Bryson Flowers

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