Pit Stops: Old Middleton Cemetery

Several months ago I discovered by chance that there was a ghost town not far from where I live in north central Mississippi. The ghost town was Middleton. I started looking closely at maps trying to figure out the exact location. It was located about twenty five minutes to the south located in what was once part of Carroll County Mississippi. The area is now located in Montgomery County. I had never visited a ghost town and got very excited and anxious about making a trip to visit one.

When it came to my mind about visiting a ghost town, all I could think of was a remote location full of trees, water, snakes and no cell phone service to call for help. As much as I was hoping this would actually be the case, it was the complete opposite. As a matter of fact, I had unknowingly passed by this site a million times before. It is located within the city limits of Winona, MS located near the intersection of US Highway 82 and Interstate 55. Even T-Mobile has service there! Where’s the danger?

Old Middleton Cemetery Established 1833

There are no remains of stores, homes, or any types of abandoned buildings here. With the help of the Winona Lions Club, the Old Middleton Cemetery, which remained neglected for almost one hundred years, was restored. This cemetery is all that remains of Middleton, originally incorporated as “Irwin” in 1837, but changed in 1840. The Winona Lions Club erected a monument to honor both the known and the unknown buried at the site beginning in the 1830s.

Old Middleton Cemetery as seen on a windy March day.

Like most places “found,” this town once was in control by Indians and was one of several sites in consideration for the building of Ole Miss. Things could have been much different for Middleton today. However, one thing doomed the town. The railroad. Although not far at all by today’s standards, the railroad was constructed two miles east of the town and the people went with it drying up the town.

Many of the headstones are broken, but preserved.

The known and the unknown are forever memorialized.

Bicentennial Commemorative

I once visited this site after dark. I would have died if there was someone sitting on this bench.

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