Second Chances

I normally set and alarm to rise early to prepare for work. Deliberately, I set the alarm clock for a much earlier time than needed to take advantage of the snooze button. It’s there for a reason right? If I needed to catch the boat, there would be many mornings that I would just miss it. I can see them now getting smaller and smaller and just floating off in the distance as I arrive just minutes too late. As it should surprise no one, I can’t walk on water. I also have a hard time getting up early enough to be in place to photograph a sunrise.

Makeshift Anchor

A mostly dried up Grenada Lake near Gore Springs, MS proved to be a great opportunity to get away to what felt like a very remote location. It felt somewhat adventurous as my son and I drove my truck over some of the more muddy areas while crossing my fingers that we wouldn’t become stuck and stranded. The short trip outside of town wasn’t a planned one. I told no one where we were going and I sometimes struggle with T-Mobile’s lack of service. I crossed my fingers and drove until I found what I felt to be the perfect spot to set up three legs and begin to shoot the sunset over Grenada Lake.

Bryson and I set off for an adventure this evening on the eastern side of Grenada Lake to shoot the sunset.

Maybe God created sunsets for photographers like me. It is sort of like a second chance He’s given for late risers like me. If I can’t grab the sun going up, just maybe I can be in place to catch it going down. There have been many attempts, but only one was ever born that could truly walk on water. Although I slipped in the mud, I did a pretty good job of walking on a dry lake bed.

No noise from cars or people would spoil what was coming.

This was as far as I could walk to the water.

Until next time……


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