Back Again for the First Time

I knew today was coming, but didn’t think much of it until this morning. Topeka said, “Are you going to take a picture of Allyson?” It was early and I reluctantly said, “Sure.” See, Allyson had already had a first day of school earlier this summer as she was enrolled in a program designed to get the young ones comfortable for the structured fall class. Sometimes summer school isn’t about failure. It’s about succeeding.

First Day of Pre-K

Allyson wore the exact same thing as she wore at daycare all summer long and I was expecting no different. However, she suddenly stepped out of the bedroom in her school colors this morning! Hair accessories included. I guess it’s good to have a mother around to remember the important details of the school dress code. Just like that, I’m pumped up and excited too!

Two Thumbs Up!

Needless to say, Allyson could not have been more excited about her first day. I hope this excitement for learning continues for many, many years to come. She’s growing up ever so fast. Just moments ago, as Topeka was prepping her for tomorrow, Allyson chanted, “Chargers! Chargers! Chargers!!”

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