Mississippi Girl: A Year in Review

As I’m writing this, 370 days have passed since leaving Houston. I haven’t “picked up the pen” much in 2017 other than to highlight and take notes in books that I’ve read. After my first MS Girl: Interview Session, I realized that I needed some time to delight in my new diagnoses, reconnect with old friends, travel, and let my creative juices sit and simmer.

I’ve read many books this year. I won’t say I’ve absorbed everything I’ve read, but I chose books that have allowed me to reflect and cogitate.  I’ve tried to choose books that require action and application.

Unquestionably, this has been a year of rebirth.

I’ve traveled a lot. Since the spring, Lyle and I have been gone more than we’ve been home. I’ve made plans to travel to Italy in 2018 with a close friend to a little town in Tuscany named Montefollonico for a 6 day cooking class.

I’ve pushed some boundaries I created for myself as it relates to my job and faced a lot of my fears. I joined the Rotary Club recently. I wanted to become a member of an organization that makes the world a better place. I’ve been talking about joining an organization for years now and the right people came into my path at the right time.  Rotary puts service above self and that’s something I truly believe in.

I’ve made new friends who stimulate my mind and soul. I’ve reconnected with friends who I haven’t seen in person for years and I’ve spent more time enjoying my family.

It’s fascinating how something that seemed so big over a year ago, seems so small in comparison now to what lies ahead. When you’ve stared an illness in the face and you come out unscathed physically, your inspiration meter flies off the charts! In order for me to inspire others, I needed time to reflect and enjoy my new life in a way I never have. I’ve never needed an incentive to enjoy life. It’s been my mantra for many years, but I’ve altered how I enjoy my life. If it rains, I don’t mind getting wet. If I’m running 30 minutes behind, I’ll stay 30 minutes later. If I have to choose two paths, I’ll take the path less traveled.

Unquestionably, this has been a year of rebirth. If you are staring any adversity in the face, look it straight in the eye, fight like a champion, and regardless of the outcome, make a choice to be a light in someone’s life and stimulate their soul!

I’ve never needed an incentive to enjoy life.

CARPE DIEM my friends!



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