Downtown Jubilee

The past few days around here have been somewhat special. It all started Thursday afternoon after work. Water, along with soap, finally made it to my truck after months. I had given up on the rain doing what it is supposed to do. Then, Friday, I finally pulled the truck into the garage and showed some love to its interior. I absolutely hate detailing the inside, but it got done. I had a family meeting with Topeka and the kids in the garage afterwards banning any of their junk from littering it again. I hope they got the message. Probably even more rare or special was me going anywhere other than the school. I’m a homebody. I had good reason to get out Saturday. It was the Downtown Jubilee!

Spin that wheel!

I gathered up the gang that previously junked up my truck and headed to the event. Moving back from Alabama just over a year ago, visiting this annual event on the square of downtown Grenada would be a first for me. September in Mississippi is still blazingly hot and humid. No surprises there. What was surprising was the number of visitors and vendors. Never had I seen the historic downtown so full of life! There was arts, crafts, food, rides for the kids, and live music all around. There was something for everyone!

When you didn’t see one smiling face, you saw three.

May I borrow the fan? They came prepared.

Familiar songs were in the air. “Cooling Water”

Beautiful voices filled the air.

The heat wasn’t stopping these wonderful smiles!

The young was not forgotten.

One of many talented vendors.

After my sweating, I needed what he was smelling.

I met a number of people from young to seasoned and from black to white. Everyone was dressed differently trying to beat the heat. The one thing they all had in common though was the smile that each wore. It was great to see everyone in a community coming out as a happy family. It is what all communities should be like. Grenada is surely “The City That Smiles!”

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