Mississippi Girl: Bitwixt and Between…

As I sit down to write, this day had more meaning than originally anticipated, so of course when I returned home, I immediately had to regurgitate my day on paper.
I’d be amiss to say that I was feeling very uncertain about the location of today’s shoot. After all, I’d never passed through, visited, or heard of Taylor, MS before planning began. There couldn’t possibly be anything in Taylor, MS that would warrant an inn, much less a theater or semi-fine dining!

Clancy having a seat at the Taylor Inn

The drive to Taylor has all the earmarks that you are entering into the deep woods of Mississippi country.

Arriving at the scene of the shoot, my inner voice said, ”I’m positive I’ve dreamt of this place before” and there it was, a hidden gem, The Taylor Inn.

If the Taylor Inn could talk, it would probably be self deprecating. By my reckoning, it’s designed to lure visitors into dropping their guard and taking themselves back to the simple way of life in a clever kind of way. You can smell the fresh air, hear the hens singing in their coop (yes, they have real chickens) and get the feeling that you’ve arrived to the place “where everyone knows your name.”

Enter Paige Evans, the owner. She’s as savvy as she is gifted! She pays an excessive amount of attention to detail. Did I mention there is a theater connected to the Inn? One step onto the property and you will acquiesce.

Small town charm? Yes! Unpretentious? Definitely! Should you mosey through Taylor, MS? Without a doubt! I ask you my friends, do you ever allow yourself to have those moments where you are neither here nor there, but where you are, is just purely alive? I do now. A year and a half ago, the mere structure of my life wouldn’t allow it. I felt alive today! Neither here nor there, just breathing in the fresh air of life. I’ll eventually get back to my Interview Sessions, but for now, I’m enjoying the journey of being Betwixt and Between.

Carpe Diem!


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