Grenada Pop-Up Choir

Ready or not, we’re in the middle of the holiday season. Among those holidays, is my favorite and possibly yours, Christmas. It is a time that people traditionally gather around family and friends to eat, celebrate, and show thanks. You can’t miss going into department stores and hear Christmas carols either, some of which are hard to get out of your head afterwards. So what happens when a community of talented vocalists get together during this festive time? Well, they make beautiful music together!

It’s exactly what happened at First and Green on the square in downtown Grenada just a week ago. When I first saw the announcement from the Grenada Downtown District about the gathering, I immediately thought about my son who performs in the show choir at his school. He was going to be involved in the Christmas program at the school just an hour before this was to start. We would just take his vocal skills from the school to the square.

Hey, I’m not a singer, so how will I get in? Jumping out of my truck and walking across the street with a camera on my shoulder, I was immediately met at the door by Jan Walton. We were already virtual friends on Facebook, but now it was official. She graciously accepted my plea to photograph and not ruin the choir with my singing. My wife did not make it with my son, but I stayed any way and was very glad that I did.

Damein Wash had already started to work with the choir members when I arrived. The whole idea was to meet at seven and perform at eight. Only an hour to nail this thing! To my disbelief, they pulled it off and performed live on Facebook for the world to see.

Damein Wash leading by example.

Jason and the guys are getting it together.

Hannah found a great spot to wear her name tag.

Melissa rehearses a Christmas carol.

A very talented trio prepares for the performance.

Damein Wash works with guys before the night\’s performance.

Damein Wash has a seat as he works with guys.

Lots of fun going on at rehearsal.

One of the talented men that participated.

Grenada’s youth did its part in making the choir a success.

Miss Grenada County, Katrina Kinder, works to get the lines just right.

Grenada’s youth did its part in making the choir a success.

Damein Wash is a great instuctor for the choir!

Let’s get everyone into position.

Just off the stairs of First and Green, I watched as the choir took shape.

Almost showtime.

They might be sitting in the back, but the band was a huge part of the choir.

These two weren’t shy.

Vocally filling the room.

The Grenada Pop-Up Choir

Santa and Mrs. Claus weren’t preset as I’m sure they were getting ready for the parade. However, I’m sure they were watching!

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