Change is Coming

Pictures, pictures, pictures. So far, that’s pretty much all you’ve seen from me. I’ve been wanting a drone for a few years now, but because the wife can be pretty vocal about unnecessary spending, it was always just a dream. That all changed this past Christmas. Well, not all of it. Topeka still is pretty vocal, but my parents must love me more because they bought me a drone. Don’t worry! Topeka never reads these posts.

All this time before, all I could do is watch YouTube videos of others having fun flying their drones and seeing the world from a perspective that I could never have standing with my two feet on the ground. Capturing and editing video clips was never an interest to me like still photography. However, I’m now starting to get just a little bit more curious about incorporating both into my projects. The drone is like a big boy’s toy for me.

With that being said, please bare with me as I do a little soul searching. There will be some trial and error videos like the one you see below along with my photography that you’ll either love or hate. Do one of them. Feel something!

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