As many of you know, I lived and worked around Birmingham for over a decade. When I first moved there, I had two classmates in the area. They moved shortly afterwards. One to Atlanta and the other to Dallas. I didn’t know I was that bad of a friend!

Because I couldn’t go anywhere, I stuck around and made new friends. I made new kids too! Keiana was one of the new friends.

Patsy Miller

While Topeka and I had a few brave souls to volunteer to babysit for us from time to time, very few lived close by. Patsy offered to allow Keiana to babysit Bryson for us. That was heaven sent!

Keiana and Bryson

I’m not sure how often they went, but Bryson still talks about going to Buffalo Wild Wings with Keiana today. There weren’t too many teenagers that I would trust with my buddy. However, she was always responsible.

48 Days Until

Coming to Keiana’s bridal shower, I only expected to return some of the favors by documenting her journey to becoming Mrs. Davis through photography and maybe get a little bit of cake. By the way, the cake was awesome!

Games being played
Games being played

I didn’t expect to learn anything, but I did. Through one of the games played, a question was asked. “How many kids does Keiana want to have?” It blew my mind when the revealed answer was three! Clearly she had gone off to college by the time Allyson came around and didn’t keep them both at the same time.

As she has finished college and employed, she is just days away from taking the next step in life. Friends and family, near and far, showed up at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to shower her with love! A few of those images are below.

A very excited entrance
Here comes the bride
Keiana and J.J.
The Miller Family
We’re going to have a problem with the ring bearer and flower girl talking during the ceremony
Brunch is served
Keiana’s sister, Tenaya hosted the shower
Plenty of laughs around the room
The reason why males usually aren’t invited
Mother-in-Law enjoying the shower
Step Mother-in-law’s jacket was perfect for the occasion
Keiana is great with kids

I’m certainly looking forward to photographing her wedding next month. I wish J.J. the best with the three kids too!