The Corona Spring Break

Being a parent, the wellbeing of your children should always be high priority. As much as I would have loved to travel last week for spring break, COVID-19 told me stay home. There wasn’t even a need to leave Grenada for Sam’s Club or Costco since many of you bought up all the tissue any way!

Learning didn’t have to stop just because of being out of school and Allyson was still excited.

As the week went on there were multiple reports of schools adding additional one or two days to the week long spring break. There were also a few reports of extending breaks to an additional week. The school district here was publicly silent while a lot of this was taking place.

Pencils work just as well at home.

I couldn’t help but the wonder what I would do as a parent when Monday morning rolls around. Maybe as possibly an over reactive parent, do I keep them home? Of course I worried about my kids getting sick, but another thought was Topeka, my parents, and other loved ones getting sick from the apparently COVID-19 tolerate kids.

Dr. J.B. Flowers, Jr. and Bryson Flowers.

My grandparents absolutely love their great grands. At this moment, I fear bringing Allyson and Bryson near them. That fear would be multiplied if I sent them to school. How exactly does social distancing work in the classroom, cafeteria, or sitting shoulder to shoulder on a bus? Probably not too good.

Topeka assists Allyson with math.

The school district finally made what I feel like is the right call and the kids will be home in a bunker for at least another week. Topeka and I will do our best to keep their spongy brains from turning into mush, but will be glad when things can return to normal. I’m not looking forward to a Corona summer.

Stay safe!