Possum Town

I like my job. How many people can honestly say that? I mean, I am doing it to pay for food and shelter and all, but I actually do enjoy it. Depending on how you look at it, there are some perks. I have the opportunity to travel throughout the state of Mississippi. Sometimes I stay overnight in towns that I would never in my imagination ever have desired visiting and surely not stay several nights.

This week was the first week of fall and I was in Columbus. It’s a town that, when living in Alabama for 13 years, I passed through frequently. I might stop for a restroom break or grab a bite to eat in the car, but kept moving. However, when forced to be there for several days, I ventured out just a little bit to see what was around.

I had always seen the sign along US Highway 82 about the Columbus Riverwalk. The weather was perfect the first couple of days so that gave the perfect opportunity to check it out. Mosquitoes absolutely love me and I was just a little worried if would be prepared. I got as close to the edge of the river as I could for a few shots, but fortunately no bites.

I didn’t walk the entire trail simply because of the time I arrived. I’ll bring the family back with me one weekend to explore more as the leaves change. Just might be worth the short drive.