Tennessee + Williams

Who doesn’t love Tennessee and Williams Sausage? Well, I like both, but this post has nothing to do with either.

If you read my previous post, you will know I spent a few days in Columbus, Mississippi recently. After roaming the Columbus Riverwalk with my camera in one hand and my Fitbit on the wrist, I wondered what else was close by to see?

A quick search on Google Maps pointed me to the first home of, American playwright, Tennessee Williams. Strangely enough, I had probably passed by this home at least five times already without noticing it!

I do have restrictions on my license, but there’s really no explanation for missing a bright yellow house sitting on a downtown street. Let’s just say I was focused on the road.

Buy the time I arrived, the home, which also serves as a Mississippi Welcome Center, was closed for the day. I hope to revisit to tour the inside.