Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge

Curiosity has been know to kill the cat. However, I’ve always been one to want to know. What’s down that road? What’s down that one? What’s around that corner? What’s over that hill?

Traveling a distance is something that you may not feel comfortable doing at this time. I get that. I feel the same way. However, there is probably something within minutes of you that you haven’t seen for what it is worth.

Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge is just minutes from Grenada, MS and covers over 4,000 acres in Grenada and Tallahatchie County.

While the refuge may not replace that African safari trip you had booked in 2020, you still find plenty to enjoy here.

It’s always hard to find new, exciting places by staying on the main drag. Find some adventure and curiosity in your life and hit the gravel roads.

Be sure to follow me and come along for a ride.