Possum Town

I had always seen the sign along US Highway 82 about the Columbus Riverwalk. The weather was perfect the first couple of days so that gave the perfect opportunity to check it out.

Time Will Tell

Each year I say that I don’t need anything and it’s a lie. Who doesn’t want a gift from the wife and kids? Apparently my wife puts value to my words. At least this is what I thought.

Worry Free

Wouldn’t it be great to be seven again? No job. No bills. No worries. While I can not say that my day was worry free, I did take a break from the news. Not because it’s fake (it’s about as real as it gets right now), but I was being consumed with the COVID-19 stories....

The Corona Spring Break

Being a parent, the wellbeing of your children should always be high priority. As much as I would have loved to travel last week for spring break, COVID-19 told me stay home. There wasn’t even a need to leave Grenada for Sam’s Club or Costco since many of you bought up all the tissue any...

Happy Valentine’s Day

This one is mine and I could not be happier. To say that I’m the luckiest man alive is an understatement. Topeka has put up with me for quite some time now. She is a great wife and even better friend. I love you more than you’ll ever know Topeka! ❤️