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Happy Valentine’s Day

This one is mine and I could not be happier. To say that I’m the luckiest man alive is an understatement. Topeka has put up with me for quite some time now. She is a great wife and even better friend. I love you more than you’ll ever know Topeka! ❤️

Hubbard-Parker Reunion

Whenever family can get together for an event that doesn’t involve a loved one laying around horizontally, it is a great occasion. The Hubbard-Parker family reunion showed me just how little I knew about my own family history. Below is just a very small portion of both the familiar and the newly introduced family that…

Never a Dull Moment

Children always want what other children have and mine are no different, particularly Allyson. Many of her classmates have been enjoying the summer and taking vacations. We recently moved so vacation hasn’t been a priority for Topeka and me. So, what do you do to please the little one? You turn the visit to the…

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